Speaker for 17th November 2015

Photo: Club President John Graham and Vice President Jim Archer (L) welcome two speakers, club photographer Ken Parkes and member Des Moore (R)___________
Talks by Two Club Members - Ken Parkes and Des Moore
Coleraine Probus members were treated to a double helping of impromptu entertainment and interest, when the meeting's expected speaker was unable to attend.

Club photographer Ken Parkes was first to stand up to the plate with some memories of earlier years. This was when his family moved to England, and the summer holidays he had spent in Blackpool - with a recitation of the dangers to be found on the zoo, especially if your name was 'Albert' and had an encounter with a Lion! (with thanks to Marriott Edgar, who wrote the legendary poem 'The Lion and Albert' - 'click' here!).

The second speaker slot went to Des Moore, who took the members on a beautifully illustrated (with his own photographs) journey from the 'Peace Bridge' in L'derry along highways and byways of our Causeway Coast area. Des stopped occasionally to give some interesting anecdotes about particular buildings or views, from his long experience in civil engineering.

05 Peace Bridge L'Derry

For instance, do you know why the 'Peace Bridge' is 'S' shaped? It was designed that way to represent two arms reaching out from either side of the divided city to shake hands. (Very effective and symbolic, a good idea - WebEd). Or what did you know the Portneil Bridge over the Bann in Kilrea was built in 1767 and was supposed to mirror the then existing bridge in Coleraine?

014 Bann Bridge at Kilrea

The Probus members really enjoyed both the short talks and were more than a little surprised that such an interesting meeting could be had at almost 'the drop of a hat' - well done Ken and Des!