Welcome to our special 'Rally Gallery' - a secection of photos kindly provided by 'Artemis Photo'

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Coleraine Probus Club and the 2014 All Ireland Rally Committee would like to thank Howard Brown and Naomi Fleming from 'Artemis Photo' for all their hard work and help over the two days of the Rally. Below you will see a series of photographs taken by Howard and Naomi at the Rally main day, 29th May. If you would like to see some more 'great snaps' taken at the Mayoral Reception on 28th May, then 'click' on the 'Artemis I Photo' logo above.
To view our collection of Rally images, 'Click' on the BIG button below. This will bring up the first photo and let you advance to the through the photos (or return) by 'Clicking' the Black Forward Arrow ' > ' (or Back Arrow ' < ' ) at the speed you want to view the photos. You can 'Close' the slide viewer by 'Clicking' on the White Cross at the Top Right of the photo frame.
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Members and Delegates who may wish to have a properly printed, high quality original, of any of the photographs on this or the Mayoral Reception page, make a note of the photo number (displayed bottom left on the photo) then contact:-

Howard Brown, Artemis Photo - Mob: +44 (0)77 8811 0093 - Tel: +44 (0)28 7032 0597

or visit: www.artemisphoto.co.uk