The 2016 AGM
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Another year, another AGM and another committee - and once again, there’s been some changes
Once again we had a formal but relaxed meeting when the club met for its 2016 AGM. There were the usual reports on the clubs activities and finances, before a new committee was elected by the members. Apart from the change of President - Jim Archer stepped up for this role in 2016 - we also have some new members filling important committee posts. Ken Parkes took over the ‘Press and Media Officer’ role; John McKegney steps in as the Speakers Sub-Committee Chair; and Graham MacDonald (thankfully) stays in post as Secretary. Congratulations to all our members serving on the committee, and a big ‘Thank You’ for your help in making sure our club is a great one to be a member of.
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(As ever, AGM photos are kindly provided by ‘Ken’s Kamera’)